How to Baby Proof Your House

September 18, 2017

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As your baby grows from tiny newborn to mobile toddler, you will want to think about ways to baby proof your house! Mobile babies and toddlers are very curious, and also still learning about danger and safety. Those early months are a great time to start thinking about the future, and making little changes to your home to make it safer for an inquisitive child! 

Risks to Consider

  • Falls: How can you secure steps, and discourage climbing to dangerous heights? You also want to think about how to keep large items secure so they don't fall on your child (think heavy dressers, shelves, and cabinets).
  • Burns: How can you keep hot liquids (thinking cooking pots and even your morning coffee), out of reach of tiny hands, as well as keep electrical cords and outlets away?
  • Strangulation: Cord blinds pose a huge risk, as do loose cords.
  • Drowning: Standing water, including the water in the toilet, can pose a risk.
  • Choking or poisoning: How can you keep cleaning chemicals, small batteries, and other small items that can be accidentally ingested out of the way?
  • Bumps and Bruises: Scrapes and bumps are a normal part of growing up, but think about ways to minimize the amount of sharp corners your toddler can encounter throughout the house!

We will share some tips for securing your house below!

Register for Safety Items

When you are busy dreaming about that cuddly newborn, toddler safety might seem like a long way off! It's not really. That first year will feel like the longest, shortest time of your life. Consider registering for baby safety items so that you have them on hand, and h ave time to slowly install and update your house throughout the first year, before it becomes a huge issue.

Move Things Around

The first thing we recommend for baby proofing your house is actually to totally move things out of reach of your curious baby and toddler. That means:

  • Move chemicals and cleaning supplies to top shelves or cabinets, far away from inquisitive hands. 
  • Switch out your blinds for cord-free versions.
  • Move loose cords or cover them up totally.
  • Keep your counters, shelves, and tables free of sharp, hot, or otherwise dangerous items, or at least move them far back and toward the center, out of reach. Consider moving coffee tables or other furniture with sharp corners.

Secure & Latch Up

For the things that can't be moved, latches and locks can go a long way. You want to still be aware of where your child is and what they are up to, but these things can provide one extra layer of prevention:

Remember to Stay Aware

Accidents are bound to happen with a little explorer around, and hopefully taking some precautions will help minimize the damage! Remember that exploring is one of the ways babies and toddlers learn. Create a safe environment for them to grow in, and they will thrive. Also always remember that toddlers and babies can surprise you, so even with the best safety plans in place, it's important to stay aware of what your child is up to. This period of life can be exhausting, but also so much fun as you see your little newborn turn into a kid, full of life, energy, and personality!

If you have a tip to share, please leave a comment!

Also, if this feels overwhelming, contact our team of Postpartum + Infant Care Doulas. If you are local to the Cincinnati or Dayton region, we would be happy to help you walk through your house with an eye for safety, and start the process of baby-proofing. We also are able to do remote Skype consultations.

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