Working With Your Partner to Focus During Labor

July 21, 2016

If you are seeking an unmedicated vaginal birth, top on your priority list while you are pregnant is learning and practicing some skills to help you stay as comfortable as possible (relatively anyway!) As you start to get information and education about this topic, you will find that a lot of it is simply about helping you focus in labor and minimizing distractions.

Focus is important in labor because it helps you tune into your body and what you need to do to move that baby down and out! It also helps to minimize any pain or discomfort as you focus on what is actually happening rather than getting into a cycle of fear or self-doubt, which can cause your muscles to tense up, and actually end up causing you to feel worse.

In this video I share a few tips for partners who may want to know how to help you focus and be as comfortable and relaxed as possible in labor. And as your doulas, we are right there with you, keeping an eye on the room, and reminding you how you can better set the environment. We are trained and experienced in these and many more comfort measures for your labor, and can support you and your partner as you work together to birth your new baby!

To get more in-depth information about comfort measures for labor and how to work with your partner during birth, be sure to check out one of our Childbirth Education Classes serving the greater Cincinnati and Dayton region in Southwest Ohio as well!